Automated machine park

The ELSIT machine park consists of professional machinery and equipment from world class manufacturers.

We rely on technologies of the best companies in Europe, including Marsilli, Sipro, Meteor, Scheugenpflug, Neotech and OMAS. Owing to our continuous investments, our facilities are regularly upgraded and enriched with new stations - also of our own production.

  • Automated multiple-spindle winders, capable of performing twisted leads (skeiner) and wrapping windings with tape.
  • Universal single-spindle winders
  • Specialised machines for the automatic winding of chokes on cylindrical cores with thermosintering wire
  • Automatic machines for tin plating by immersion 
  • Assembly robots
  • Other tin-plating macines
  • Vacuum impregnation chambers
  • Automatic machine for impregnation with two-component resins
  • 3D bending machine 
  • Marking units
  • Numerous in-house production stations 

Measurement systems

We have the advanced control and measuring instrumentation, consisting of measuring instruments from such companies as Hewlett-Packard (RLC bridges) and Good-WillInstek at our disposal. The measuring instruments operate with computerised systems for recording and statistical processing of measurement data, ensuring that the measurement systems comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and TS16949. All measurement systems are covered by the supervision procedure within the framework of the Quality Management System.